Porsche Classic Restoration Competition Project

Classic Porsche

Restoration Competition

Porsche Norwell Restoration Project

Classic Porsche

Restoration Competition

Follow us as we work over the next 6 months to restore a 1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa.

We are currently participating in a Porsche Classic Restoration Competition. Our team of Porsche Gold Meister Certified Technicians will strip this classic beauty down to the bones and fully restore it back to showroom quality while preserving it's Porsche Classic heritage. Check back often to see our progress and the challenge of bringing our 1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa back to its full glory!

Step 1

Picking Our Canvas

To fully appreciate the restoration journey you need to see where we're starting. As you can see, we have our work cut out for us, but we are excited to get started!

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Step 2

Stripping It Down

During this full restoration we will be working on the structure and chassis, external and internal body and components, as well as the engine and transmission.

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Step 3

Keeping It Real

We are continuing to remove old parts that we cannot refurbish. Our goal is to salvage and repair as many of the original components as possible. What we are unable to salvage, will be replaced with Genuine Classic Porsche Parts.

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Step 4

To the Body Shop

Now that we've removed all of the internal fixtures, we can send this beauty off to the body shop. There we will work on the entire exterior, bringing this 911 back to life!

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Step 5

Body Shop Updates

We've completely sanded down the exterior, and replaced and restored any corroded areas with new genuine parts.

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Step 6

Fresh Coat Of Paint

We've carefully applied primer and painted this 911 a Slate Gray. The gleaming exterior is now ready for the next stage....the interior & mechanical components!

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Step 7


We've started to reassemble our 1983 Porsche 911 with brand new Porsche genuine classic parts.

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Step 8

Engine Work

Restoring the 911's engine is akin to open-heart surgery. First we completely dismantle the engine and thoroughly clean all of the parts so we can see the true condition with extreme care and detail.

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Step 9

Gauges Refurbished

The gauges have been brought back to their original condition - just look at the before and afters!

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Step 10

Engine Final Steps

The engine is looknig good and almost ready to be put back into our 911.

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Step 11


We are just getting started on the interior. When we are completed, from roofing, to carpet every piece and detail of the 911's interior will be restored.

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Step 12

Final Engine Details

Our engine is almost complete! Restoring the engine is one of the most complex and time‑consuming parts of the process, but it is essential!

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Step 13

Ready For Install

The final step is here! The engine is finally ready to be installed. Once installed we will check for any leaks and general functional capabilities and will make some fine‑tuning adjustments. At this point the engine is like new and ready for the road.

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Step 14

Almost Complete

At this point, we have touched every single component on this 1983 Porsche 914 Restoration project. We are now just finalizing some finishing touches and pouring over every single detail for perfect functionality.

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Step 15

Completed Project!

Our 1983 911 SC Targa restoration project is now complete! It has been completely restored by the Porsche Norwell team from start to finish. From complete engine rebuild, to immaculate body/paint work, to a brand new custom interior including Cancan Red leather and a Beachwood shift knob. This 1983 Porsche (11 SC RWD 5-Speed Manual 3.0L H6 has refurbished gauges, a new sport steering wheel, Bilstein suspension, Porsche Factory Fuch wheels, new tires, a Porsche Classic Bluetooth Radio and so much more.

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